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Your Style & Heights

Silhouette Heights

Are you ready to discover how height can influence your style choices? Whether you’re petite or statuesque, understanding how to dress for your height can transform your style game.  In this compass suite, we’ll explore different heights to help with your wardrobe fittings from the graceful 5-footers to the elegant 6-foot goddesses. How to dress …

Your Colour Guide

Knowing Your Skin Tone

What’s your Skin Tone whispering to you? Every wonder what this really means? It could mean the clothes that your wearing could actually make you look washed out, or it could mean the color chose looks overpowering on you. Knowing the best colors that bring out your beauty and radiance, Take the FREE SKIN TONE QUIZ …

The Trend Issue

Latest Trends

We have to talk about it ~ Styles Trending. Remember all these trends are for everyone. ~ But surely, you may question some, in that case, think about how to mimic the trend in your own way. If you usually wear tennis shoes, think about adding a pair of stylish sneakers. Trends can be fleeting, …